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Jinan Changlin Air-bag Container Factory Co.Ltd. was founded in 1993,is a high-new technical enterprise, which intergraded design, research & development,manufacture & sales of marine airbags and fender,the project overall contract of ship launching & landing by marine airbags, and the design of berth & rampway suitable for airbags launching,she is the Pioneer and Navigator of marine airbag and fender in China.
After many years of innovation and development, Changlin airbags are widely used in all kinds of large marine equipment engineering ship launching & landing, the offshore platform launching,the large precast concrete transporting engineering and large objects floating transportation and rescue in ocean.
Changlin has drawn up 2 International Standards, 2 Chinese National Standards, 3 Industry Standards and 1 Local Standards.
The 2 international standard is:

The ISO14409:2011, 《Ships and marine technology – ship launching airbags》.

The ISO17682:2013, 《Ships and marine technology – methodology for ship launching utilizing airbags》.
The formulation and promulgation of standards have been accomplished by numerous innovative experiments, marking the Changlin's airbags to the international advanced level.

The company had been obtained 16 Chinese National Patents, including 3 items Invention patents, marine airbags & fenders have its complete proprietary intellectual property rights.

Marine airbag invention patent: ZL2005 1 0042556.8

Pneumatic rubber fenders invention patent: ZL2004 1 0023588.9

Manufacture equipment invention patent: ZL2012 1 0182749.3
The marine airbag and pneumatic rubber fenders continue the new creating in practice using.

Successful launching the Light weight: 16,000 tons Storage engineering ship.

Successful launching the DWT: 82,000 tons Panama Type bulk cargo ship

The semisubmersible tug boat with its dead weight more 10,000 tons, offshore platform, ocean wind turbine installation vessel, salvage lifting vessel, and packed sand pile ship etc, specific maritime engineering ship all successful launching.

Successful moving the weight: 5,000 tons heavy Cement prefabricated build caisson.

Successful landing dead weight: 5,200 tons transport ship.

Pneumatic rubber fenders had been widely used in port collision protection, DWT:300,000 tons super VLCC alongside on sea, Ocean-going fishing fleets alongside in the south pole sea, China Navy ocean comprehensive depot ship recharge operation etc..
As the Chinese airbag industry leading enterprises, "Changlin People" with the struggle is not quenched, innovation is more than, has always been to technological innovation as her guide, to first-class quality as her goal, to customer satisfaction as her purpose, to industry norms developing as her mission, put the marine airbags manufacture technology and ship launching & landing technology with its own independent intellectual property rights to the more world`s shipbuilding enterprises, to be realized more shipbuilder`s dreams.