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We are already working!

On 1st March,we are also already working, which is following in the policy of China!

On 1st Marchwe are also already working,  which is following

in the policy of China!

In January, COVID-19 outbreak,which was stop our normal running; Face to the manufacturing pressure,which is not only from materials but also from meeting customers need urgently, including normal running,our leader was positive teamwork the working policy of local government, from disinfect every corners two times on time every day, to be strictly of coming people register-sterilize stepswhich was showing our serious and undertaken, to be sure of our workers safety and health. 

Good news

Jinan has been 34 days already no new cases, it is the result of the Chinese Government strong measures & all the peoples support; we are lucky live in this country, our government active face the serious virus and take out the brave and undertaken, this cause make our company working starting on time, to meet our customers need

We believe that we would be achieving this year’s target under our correct leadership guide!

We believe that all the things will be ok, take off the face mask after few days. Good luck, China, Good luck Changlin!