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Squid fishing / jellyfish fishing boat used the airbag to smooth the launching

August24,2017,RongchengShipbuildingGroupCorporationforthegoodgroupbuilt60.88msquid fishing/tunafishingboats,initsfactoryairbagplatform,bytheJinanChanglinAir-bagContainer FactoryCo.,Ltd.ShandongChangli
August 24, 2017, Rongcheng Shipbuilding Group Corporation for the good group built 60.88 m squid fishing / tuna fishing boats, in its factory airbag platform, by the Jinan Changlin Air-bag Container Factory Co., Ltd. Shandong Changlin ship airbag and fender technical research center launched successfully.  As the completion of the ship's state of the end of the draft, the platform area of water depth can not meet the requirements of the water. Therefore, the center of the technical staff and the shipyard related personnel, the sewage program was repeated calculations, the final decision to ensure the stability of water under the premise of taking the host device is not installed in the state of water program. Thus ensuring the safety of the water. The ship was running smoothly, anchored berth time properly, stroke control is reasonable. By the shipyard and the owner of the unanimous praise.