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Large-scale squid fishing boat again using the ship airbag launching technology smoothly launched

August20,2017,RongchengYuantongShipbuildingCo.,Ltd.builttwo74meterssquidfishingboat,it wassuccessfullylaunchedbytheJinanChanglinAir-bagContainerFactoryCo.,Ltd,Shandong Changlinshipairbagandfendertechn
August 20, 2017, Rongcheng Yuantong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. built two 74 meters squid fishing boat, it was successfully launched by the Jinan Changlin Air-bag Container Factory Co., Ltd, Shandong Changlin ship airbag and fender technology research center airbag launching engineering service team. This is the follow-up vessel of the eight ships of the same type that were built before. The ship is made of Jinan Changlin airbag container factory pecifications for the production of φ1.8m × 12m, model QG7 type 16 high bearing capacity of the airbag, scientific water design and airbag high quality, effectively protect the safety of the ship launching. The whole process of steady and smooth, directional control properly the factory and the owner of the praise.,