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the project of large scale dock caisson launching and installation was finished successfully in panama

Onthe28th February2017,withjointendeavoursfromallpartiesconcerned,theprojectoflargescaledockcaissonlaunchingandinstallationwasfinishedsuccessfully.Thislargescaledockisbuiltforapowerplantbeingbuiltinpa

On the 28th February 2017, with joint endeavours from all parties concerned, the project of large scale dock caisson launching and installation was finished successfully. This large scale dock is built for a power plant being built in panama.

The caisson size is 24.2m long, 16.6m wide, 13.2m high, its self weight is more than 4000ton. There is a shallow water area on the transit way from construction site to installation site, which can not meet the water depth requirement for caisson draft. In order to overcome the bottleneck, the unit who undertake this project visited many airbag factories in China.As leading enterprise in marine airbag industry, Jinan Changlin airbag container factory Co.,Ltd, have given full pay to their strength in technical supporting. A technical solution concerned with floating airbags and lowering caisson draft etc has been proposed at the beginning of project negotiation, which win the trust of clients.According to the technological requirements both for marine airbag floating and caisson installation, not only more than 20 units of marine airbags are designed by us,  but also an adequate solution concerned with both buoyancy force and carrying capacity of airbags, binding connections between marine airbags and caisson,underwater pressure relief process and airbag removing etc were proposed by us.

At the invitation of foreign partners, The proffesional technical personnel has been sent by Changlin’s The ship airbags and fenders technical research center of shandong changlin, they were going to do a full site guide. Finally, our professional quality service have gained good praise. Meantime, the project success also have laid a good foundation for the extended application in port engineering construction.