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International standard on ship launching air bags implemented


The international standard ISO14409: 2011 Ships and marine technology — Ship launching air bags has been issued by ISO and implemented from Sep.1, 2011. Ship launching relying on air bags is an innovation technology created by China and all the independent intellectual property rights are owned by China. The many years practices improve that this technology have the merits of low cost, low consumption, no contamination, high efficiency, high reliability, high flexibility, etc. The advantage of ship launching relying on air bags has been widely recognized. The technology's application has been spread in the world.


In 2009, under the support of the national standardization administrating department and Marine Standards Committee, The draft standard Ships and marine technology — Ship launching air bags was submitted to ISO. The draft standard was prepared by Jinan Changlin Air-bag Container Factory Co., Ltd. and China Shipbuilding Industry Institute of Technology and Economy. The proposal was accepted by ISO, and a work group was built up. After WD (work draft), CD (committee draft), FDIS (final draft international standard), the draft standard was submitted to the Secretariat of ISO to finish the procedures of standard drafting process.


At last this national standard became a international standard. The issue and implementation of the national standard indicate that our technology of ship launching relying on air bags has been internationally recognized. The ship launching airbag industry walks up to the world.