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23.3,600T Salvage Lift Craft was launched

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On March 15th to 17th in 2013, Yantai Salvage Bureau Shipyard built up  salvage floating crane ship “Defu 3600” with crane capacity of 3600 tons, which was successfully launched by combined launching mode that used airbags ro-ro shift onto semi-submersible barge, then let it sink to float the ship naturally.
Yantai Salvage Bureau’s “Defu 3600” salvage floating crane is 114.4 meters in length, 48 meters in width, 8.8 meters in depth and design draft of 4.8 meters, equipped with two 1200 kW Z-drive electric propulsion propeller rudder, a side thruster of 750 kW, two-arm luffing crane of 3600 tons, its launching weight is more than 9200 tons. SCMAFTRC undertook the launching scheme design and launching works. In view of the large ship weight, the higher block height, long transporting distance and short time to move the ship (be affected with wide high limit), formulated the scientific and strict technology scheme and safety preplan, ensuring the combined launching engineering safety and smoothly. The ship launching is successful, shows that the airbag launching technology can apply to the emerging field of flat ground shipbuilding.

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