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Wharf fender vessel fenders

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CHANGLIN pneumatic rubber fender is one of Jinan Changlin's major products. It has the merits of high pressure resistance, high energy absorption, low reaction force, aging resistance and seawater corrosion resistance. During the standard preparation, compression performance tests were  made by Shandong University Mechanical Engineering Test Center. Reliable data proved that product  quality performance parameter have reached or was higher than the requirements of national standard and / or international standard. At present, CHANGLIN pneumatic rubber fenders were widely used to various ships, offshore platforms, wharfs and floating docks for collision protection at home and abroad.

Our advantage:
1.High energy absorption & low reaction force -- DWT 300,000T VLCC used
2.Fender production in strict accordance with ISO 17357-2014
  (Company drafted Chinese standard of fender (GB/T21482:2016) same with ISO 17357-2014)
3.No-mould vulcanization and surround pasting formation process -- 12 years still using
4.Through the experimental verification -- In China, manufacturer to compare with Yokohama fender quality

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Tel: +86-531-85966677