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The caisson launching and installation of a power plant in Panama

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On February 28, 2017, the caisson launching and installation project of a large power station in Panama, under construction, was successfully launched and installed after the project design, airbag development, production and on-site construction with the joint efforts of all parties involved in the project cooperation. In place.
The caisson launch installation project is a terminal construction project for a large power plant under construction in Panama. The caisson scale is: 24.2× 16.6× 13.2 (m, long & times; width & times; high), weighing more than 4,000 tons. Since the size, weight and draft of the caisson are large, and from the construction site to the installation site, there is a shallow water area where the water depth cannot meet the drowning requirements of the caisson. In order to solve the "bottleneck" of this transshipment installation, a foreign company undertaking the construction of this project, in cooperation with Shanghai Shijiede International Trade Co., Ltd., sought cooperation solutions from various parties and visited several airbag manufacturing enterprises in China. Jinan Changlin Airbag Container Factory Co., Ltd., at the beginning of the project negotiation, gave full play to the technical advantages of the leading enterprises in the ship airbag industry, organized relevant technical personnel, conducted serious and sufficient analysis and discussion on the problems raised by customers, and made airbags. A more detailed technical solution to help float and reduce caisson draught has won cooperation with customers. The program is designed for the floating and installation process of caisson and launching rail. The new design has developed more than 20 special airbags of different specifications, and the buoyancy and force of the airbag, and the binding connection between the airbag and the caisson, underwater pressure relief, and demolition Various process factors have been fully analyzed and designed. At the on-site construction stage, at the invitation of foreign construction parties, Shandong Changlin Ship Airbag and Ball Technology Research Center under Changlin Company sent professional technicians to carry out on-site technical guidance to ensure the smooth completion of the project and finally received The customer's praise. The successful completion of the project has also laid a good foundation for the expansion and application of airbags in the field of port construction.




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