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20.Successful Launching Weight 7400T OFFSHORE BY Changlin Airbags

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On November 20th of 2011, CP - 300 jack-up offshore oil drilling platform, developed and manufactured independently by our country, in Liaohe Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing  General Co., was successfully launched by SCAFTRC’s airbag launching engineering service team. It was of international pioneers to launch drilling platform using airbags, which created a new rig launching mode with profound historic significance as epoch-making milestones.
CP - 300 jack-up drilling platforms were suitable for infinite navigation zones, which can allow various drilling rigs work within 300 feet of water depth under different maritime environment conditions, whose maximum drilling depth can reach 9,000m. The rig’s main hull was 60.98 meters long, 55.78 meters wide and 7.62 meters deep with a dead weight of 6,360 tons and a launching weight up to 7,4000 tons.

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