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Changlin Pneumatic Rubber Fenders Used by 300,000T Oil Tanker

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In August of 2,000, when a supertanker registered in Italy carrying 300,000 tons of oil was berthing to a wharf near Dan Gan Island in the South China Sea. The storm with winds of sixth level just came on the ocean surface. Under the action of winds and waves, collision energy caused by such a huge tanker was definitely very huge. The ship hanging four pieces of pneumatic rubber fenders of 3.3 meters in diameter, purchased from different countries, among which two pieces were supplied by Changlin and the others belong to foreign brands. This constitutes between different brands of fenders. At the moment of berthing, under the action of winds and waves, a piece of foreign brand fender exploded up with a loud sound “Pong”. However, two ChangLin fenders were safe an sound without accidents. In the face of facts, Italian ship owners gave a satisfying smile to ChangLin fenders. In this practical competition, ChangLin fenders won honor for the homeland, meanwhile proving that the quality of ChangLin fenders has reached the international advanced level.

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