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US TITAN Maritime Rescue Company adopts Changlin brand airbag live

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In August 2005, hurricane Katrina landed on the west coast of the United States, thereby causing the most destructive loss in American history as one of the worst natural disasters. About 500,000 people evacuated from the city of New Orleans. According to statistics, there are 2209 ships wrecked stranded on the U.S. Gulf coast. After the hurricane, TITAN Maritime Salvage Company in the United States undertook the emergent project of rescuing stranded ships to return to the waters. When the company learnt from Singapore side that China’s airbags acquired the outstanding functions in lifting and moving vessels as well as ship repair, they paid a special trip to visit Changlin and purchased a batch of airbags, which were transported to American by air. Our products played a significant and huge role in the rescue and salvage work. “These airbags have proved that they made an incalculable contribution to cleaning up bad consequences in American waterways caused by Katrina hurricane’ said in a after-use report of TITAN maritime salvage company. The company was very satisfied with the use of airbags to move ships. Hence they continuously ordered 2 batches of goods in two months, which initiated the pioneer for international rescue and salvage by Chinese airbags.

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